Industry-leading gears, gearboxes, transmissions and actuators

BMT Aerospace has been making gears for more than 60 years. Today, we offer a comprehensive and highly advanced product range that is supported by specialised expertise.

Leading Edge Actuation

We have built up to 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing high-lift actuation gears for slat systems, with a focus on pinions and sector gears

Trailing Edge Actuation

In 2014, BMT Aerospace has expanded its portfolio with new complex subassemblies. A variety of different materials including through hardened 4340M and 15-5PH stainless steel are processed in house. Starting from forging, BMT Aerospace does all the machining, heat treatment and most surface treatments to finally deliver the painted and serialized assembly. Splines are ground in hardened condition up to 55HRC. BMT manages the supply chain and executes the assembly activities.

Turbine Engine Gearboxes, Helicopter Gearboxes and Housings

BMT Aerospace machines complex Inlet and Pump, Accessory, and Power Take Off gearboxes from a wide variety of aerospace materials including magnesium, aluminum and stainless steel castings for the major turbine engine and APU manufacturers in Europe and North America. Capabilities encompass flow and pressure testing, including dynamic load testing for complete gearbox assemblies manufactured in our US facility.

Bevel - Helical - Ring Gears

BMT Aerospace is recognized by the Aerospace OEMs as an expert in the field of spiral bevel gear manufacturing around the globe. Our expertise and unparalleled state-of- the-art closed loop CNC spiral bevel gear and bevel master gear manufacturing capabilities support  the Turbine Engine, Auxiliary Power Unit, Actuation and Helicopter Drive Systems markets.

High Precision Detail Gears

What differentiates BMT Aerospace is its wide range of manufacturing capabilities for spur, helical, (internal & external) gears, splined components and curvic couplings. Whether small or large, simple or complex, we have the capability to manufacture, the capacity to perform and the technology to offer the lowest cost and best value to our customers.

Shaft and Couplings

BMT Aerospace specializes in small to medium sized, simple and complex shafts for the Helicopter, High Lift Actuation and Turbine Engine industries. Our shafts are produced using a wide variety of aerospace raw materials and special processes to meet our customers exact design standards.

Our products are custom-made.
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