Time to reconnect and recharge!

BMT employees get to take a break


With the corona virus taking the world by storm and causing a rather difficult period on all aspects of life, BMT decided to reward their employees for their hard work in challenging times. That means not only BMT Aerospace, but also VCST, IGW Industry, IGW Rail and OMCO got a little surprise from the BMT Group.


How do you reward your employees in times like these? We figured that the thing that everyone could use right now is a break. With that in mind, project ‘Reconnect Recharge’ was born. With Reconnect Recharge, every BMT Group employee is given an extra holiday. This gives them the opportunity to take time for themselves, their family, friends and take a break to literally recharge. The announcement of the extra holiday came in a gift box, which includes fun little branded gadgets such as a blanket, a notebook, socks and a lot of other stuff.


We are thrilled to see that a lot of plants plan events to announce the initiative. From cake to lunches to picnics, the announcement sure wasn’t left uncelebrated. These little events give employees the chance to reconnect with their colleagues. This is something that was not always possible due to corona restrictions. We are happy to see our employees come together and feel that they are part of one team. As we always say in the BMT Group: We are stronger together.

Curious to see how our employees received the announcement? Then watch the video below. This video was accessed with a QR code that was printed on the gift box.