Factory of the Future roadshow lands at BMT Aerospace International

On 7 May 2019, BMT Aerospace International opened its doors for the Factory of the Future Roadshow. The event was an ideal opportunity for visitors to network, to see how Factory of the Future winner BMT Aerospace operates, and to test their own challenges against BMT’s experience.   BMT Aerospace International received the Factory of the Future Award on 6 February 2019. With this award BMT Aerospace emphasizes its ambition to be an agile and future-proof company that delivers products with a higher added value. BMT Aerospace International will retain the Factory of the Future label for three years.   BMT Aerospace received 24 guests for the roadshow in Oostkamp. The visitors were able to follow a tour around the company and learn more about BMT Aerospace’s achievements so far in the transformation trajectories from Sirris and Agoria’s Made Different Action Plan (more specifically: the trajectories ‘World Class Manufacturing Technologies’, ‘Digital Factory’ and ‘Production Network’).   “We had a very successful Factory of the Future Roadshow,” says Koen Devolder, Site General Manager of BMT Aerospace International. “We had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with like-minded industrial professionals. For BMT Aerospace, it’s an honor to serve as an example of how a company can follow the Factory of the Future trajectory.”   BMT Aerospace will present its experiences for the second time on 6 June 2019, in the framework of Agoria’s Made Different program.     About BMT Aerospace BMT Aerospace International supplies high-tech precision components for the aviation sector. The company operates in three locations: USA, Romania and Belgium. The Belgian branch is located in Oostkamp, employs around 120 people and has been a leading manufacturer of gears, transmission and actuation systems for the drive mechanism of the slats (attack wing) and flaps for various commercial aircraft programs for more than 25 years worldwide.