BMT Aerospace, Engineered Heat Treat and BMT Additive teaming up!

BMT Aerospace proudly supports the CWRU Motorsports Baja SAE team from Case Western Reserve University. As a leading manufacturer of aircraft parts, we understand the importance of precision and innovation in engineering.

Our subsidiary, Engineered Heat Treat (EHT), specializes in heat treating parts, ensuring the durability and performance of critical components such as gears for the team's gearbox. Additionally, we manufacture gears for their gearbox, cut splines for their four-wheel-drive system. Our other subsidiary, BMT Additive, is utilizing advanced 3D printing technology to produce titanium rear driveshafts.

This partnership underscores the depth of our commitment to the CWRU Motorsports team. By providing essential components and leveraging our expertise in heat treatment and additive manufacturing, we empower them to compete at the highest level. Together, we embody the spirit of collaboration and innovation, driving towards excellence in motorsport engineering.

Copyright: CWRU Motorsports Baja SAE team from Case Western Reserve University

The Baja SAE collegiate

The Baja SAE Collegiate Design Series is a competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International. It challenges students from universities worldwide to design, build, and race off-road vehicles. The series includes several events, such as Baja SAE, which focuses on off-road racing, and Baja SAE Electric, which emphasizes electric vehicles.

Teams are required to design and construct a vehicle that can withstand the rigors of off-road terrain while also meeting specific performance criteria. This includes tasks like maneuverability, suspension design, acceleration, and endurance.

Throughout the competition, teams not only race their vehicles but also present their design and manufacturing processes to a panel of judges, who evaluate their engineering decisions, cost management, and overall performance.

Participating in the Baja SAE Collegiate Design Series provides students with invaluable hands-on engineering experience, teamwork skills, and exposure to real-world automotive engineering challenges. It's a fantastic opportunity for aspiring engineers to apply classroom knowledge to practical problems and gain insights into the automotive industry.

Our team from Case Western Reserve University

The CWRU Motorsports Baja SAE team from Case Western Reserve University has achieved remarkable success, demonstrating their excellence in engineering and performance. Their accolades include a 5th Place Sales Award, a 5th Place Design Award, a 2nd Place Acceleration Award, a 4th Place Maneuverability Award, a 9th Place Endurance Award, and a 5th Place Overall Performance Award. These achievements reflect their dedication, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence in the competitive arena of motorsport engineering. You can find the full list of their achievements over the years on their website.

CWRU team
Copyright: CWRU Motorsports Baja SAE team from Case Western Reserve University

BMT Aerospace is thrilled to be working with young talent at the university, pushing the boundaries of innovation together. It makes us proud to see the all the accomplishments, as we feel that we are part of this incredible team as well.