BMT Aerospace is very committed to further train its employees internally.

By offering regular training opportunities, we prioritize inspiring our workforce and providing them with avenues for growth within our organization and industry. These comprehensive trainings not only enhance the overall excellence of our employees but also contribute to our company's success.

Project management training 2023

Strengthening Project Managers' Skills for Optimal Performance

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our project management training program, designed to enhance the skill set of our project managers. Given the important role project management plays in our business, investing in our employees' capabilities is a strategic move towards achieving our goals more efficiently.

To initiate this program, we have organized a training course that covers the project management fundamentals. The course is led by experienced trainer Mr. Didier Brackx, renowned for his expertise in project management. Mr. Brackx has generously shared valuable insights and practical tips on effective project management techniques.

The training course, organized by BMT Aerospace, welcomes all project managers within the company. It covers a broad range of topics, including project planning, risk management, communication, and leadership. The interactive and engaging nature of the course facilitates active participation, enabling participants to ask questions and share their experiences freely.

Upon completion of the course, participants will undergo an internal examination to assess their knowledge. Those who successfully pass the exam will be recognized and rewarded with a token of appreciation from the company, acknowledging their dedication and hard work.

Photographer: Jan Peirs | Copyright: Jan Peirs

The value of in-house training possibilities

Driving Success Through Continuous Learning

At BMT Aerospace, we firmly believe that our project management training program will not only benefit individual project managers but also contribute to the overall success of our company. By enhancing our project management skills, we ensure that projects are executed punctually, within budget, and to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Our commitment to equipping employees with the necessary tools and resources to excel in their roles is exemplified through this project management training program. It serves as a significant stride towards achieving our organizational objectives. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on our business, promoting growth, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Continuing on investing in excellence

Through our in-house training initiatives, BMT Aerospace is dedicated to empowering our employees, fostering their professional growth, and ultimately driving success within our company and industry. The project management training program serves as a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and our recognition of the value of investing in our most valuable asset—our talented workforce.

Graduates on today of the Project management training 2023

Graduates: Koen Roggen, Dieter Moens, Ewald Goossens, Denis De Clercq, Jurgen Versluys, Olivier Vanden Borre, Frederik Deprince, Jan Peirs, Charlotte Sticker, Simon Depoortere, Danut Oprea, Ionut Bocanet, Karan Ghuman, Kyle Ashworth and Marinela Ginga.                               

CEO: Benoit Reynders